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And we finally arrive at the top of the pyramid, the level that is equal to that of a native, even when it can be discerned that the person's mother tongue is another. The speaker's pronunciation is almost perfect with very few errors that sometimes even go unnoticed. You can express yourself very fluently spontaneously using a variety of language and even making use of regionalisms. He is able to understand conversations and native speech (radio, television) with little effort and can read all kinds of texts without the language being an impediment to correct comprehension. As you can imagine, reaching the last level is not a matter of signing up for an intensive course, but rather a lot of effort, perseverance, study, practice, spending time abroad immersed in the target language and even paying attention to factors such as the personal linguistic abilities, the age at which one begins to learn a language, etc. For the previous levels, it also takes a lot of work and perseverance, but they are more affordable without the need to live a long time abroad. By reading, listening to music in English, attending class and using the resources provided by the Internet, it is possible to reach level B1 or B2 in a couple of years.