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Dec 7, 2017

Online Education

The Internet has opened new possibilities for education. Many different e-learning, online learning, and distance learning initiatives have been introduced; their main aim is to use the Internet as a medium for the delivery of courses. While it cannot replace traditional education, online learning provides new possibilities for learning, especially when constraints of time and space impede physical attendance in class. At the same time, e-learing can support face-to-face education and create new forms of blended learning. ... Traditionally, education has been governed by national institutions. The accreditation of educational institutions, the recognition of qualifications, and quality assurance are all governed at national level. However, crossborder education requires the development of new governance regimes. Many international initiatives aim at filling the governance gap, especially in areas such as quality assurance and the recognition of academic degrees.

Spanish Grows to 500 million Native Speakers

Dec 29, 2022

Spanish Grows to 500 million Native Speakers

According to the newly-released Cervantes Institute’s 2022 yearbook Spanish in the World, the number of native Spanish speakers has risen to nearly 500 million (496.5 million—up about three million from last year) and if non-native speakers are added, the figure is 595 million—up by four million from 2021. ... At last month’s launch of the reports, Cervantes director Luis García Montero, said the new yearbook offered “optimistic data that commit us to work, but not to complacency,” and that its “interesting conclusions and contributions for the future” help us to “become aware of the importance of our language.”

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